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Executive Board

Executive Board

Executive Board


National President 

John P. Pryor

National Vice President

Gary L. Williams

National Secretary & Communications

Glenn F. Carter

National Dean Master of Membership

Edward A. Jackson-Williams  


Our History

Executive Board

Executive Board

Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity is a Greek-Lettered Organization soaring the air of fun while landing in the field of service, empowerment, and leadership.

Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Incorporated was conceived by five men of excellence on the evening of September 18th, 2014 in Atlanta, GA by R. Christian-Isaiah Littleton (Deceased), Craig Napoleon Stafford, John Pryor, and two other distinguished brothers. 

These five men along with over one hundred brothers from around the country established this 'Great United Brotherhood' believing that men of similar values and like-minded and dedicated commitment to service  on the principles of:




As a Minority Greek Lettered Organization (GLO) of minority men, Omega Lambda Phi seeks to recruit other men who embody our principles and who desire to be a part of a fraternity but who may not be currently enrolled in an post secondary educational institution. 

The brothers of Omega Lambda Phi are a diverse brotherhood made up of different nationalities, socioeconomic, educational, and varied professional  backgrounds who stands 

"As One or As None".


Quintessential to what is means to be Omega Lambda Phi is our commitment to community service and empowerment. 

Through national initiatives such as: 

 Empowering Entrepreneurs

HIV/AIDS Prevention




Our Mission

Executive Board

Our Mission

Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inc. exists as a distinguished brotherhood of minority men promoting the principles of integrity, brotherhood, and unity; fostering brotherly love and a fraternal spirit; and to champion service to our communities. 

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