Executive Leadership


President Sir John P. Pryor

On March 1, 2019, Sir John P. Pryor assume the leadership role of National President of Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. The youngest of 8 siblings, and hold  a degree in Engineering. Sir John P. Pryor is currently employed in aviation by Endeavor Airlines, operated by Delta. Sir Pryor has outlined that he would like to focus on connecting Omega Lambda Phi with various accessible resources; being transparent in all operational facets; and soaring in the air of enjoyment, while landing in a field of service, empowerment and leadership. 


National Vice President Sir Gary L. Williams

On May 3rd, 2019, Sir Gary L. Williams assumed the role of National Vice President of Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. Since the transition, Sir Gary L. Williams has served this brotherhood in various duties as Acting National Treasure, National Treasure, Chief Operations Officer and Operations. Sir Gary L. Williams, currently holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Social Work from Union Institute & University. Sir Gary L. Williams is currently developing programs within our brotherhood and the community, that will serve our initiative Adopt - A - Vet, HIV/AIDS Awareness, and Entrepreneurs. Sir Gary L. Williams, is currently employed by Atlantic Marine Corps Community, as a Residential Service Coordinator for Active Services Members, and Families. We are so excited to have such a pioneer of people apart of our great organization. 


As One Or As None!

National Officers


Sir Edward A. Jackson - Williams, National Dean Master of Memberships

Edward A. Jackson-Williams, the youngest of 9 siblings from Detroit, Michigan and currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. Sir Jackson-Williams holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration concentration in Project Management. Sir Edward A. Jackson-Williams is employed with Primary One Health as a Recovery Support Specialist serves as a Case Manager for Substance Abuse. Sir Edward A. Jackson-Williams, is a proud father and enjoys spending time with his son and his fraternal brothers of Omega Lambda Phi. Prior to leadership, Sir Edward A. Jackson-Williams was the Executive Assistant to our Founder/President Sir Craig N. Stafford (Term 2015-2018). Sir Edward A. Jackson-Williams will bring a new and exciting talent to the Membership Office and to Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inc. We are grateful of his experience and new direction to the organization. 


Sir Glenn F. Carter, National Secretary and Communications

Sir Glenn F. Carter the eldest of five siblings and from Pensacola, Florida. Sir Glenn F. Carter, holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Administration from Barry University  in Miami, Florida. Currently, Sir Glenn F. Carter is employed as the Academic Advisor II for the College of Education and Professional Studies at the University of West Florida. Sir Glenn F. Carter has a certification in Cross-Cultural Competency program and the current Black Employee Association President for the 2019-2020 academic year. This elected position will oversee special projects at the university in which Sir Glenn F. Carter will lead the charge of building excellence achieves results...One Step at a Time!! Including all ethnicity in special programming of professional development and fundraising needs in enhancing their job growth and development.  We are excited to have Sir Glenn F. Carter apart of our organization, with his experience and leadership. We are excited of the new direction. 


Integrity, Brotherhood, and Unity



Sir R. Christian Isaiah Littleton

Sir R. Christian-Isaiah Littleton President Emeritus and Founder of Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inc. (Deceased, March 15, 2015). Sir Littleton is from Donora, Pennsylvania and has been labeled as one of the most prolific teachers in the area of leadership and apostolic government. With 15 years of full-time ministry service, Apostle Littleton's life and work are rooted in prayer and an intimate relationship with the Father evidence in the revelation and insight found in his messages. Sir Littleton was the Founder and Lead Servant of Kingdom Empowerment  Global Ministries, Inc (Personal Ministry). This ministry covered several churches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Ohio. His leadership is still prevalent in Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inc. and message is embodied throughout the organization. 


Sir Craig N. Stafford

Sir Craig N. Stafford served as the third Grand Crest (President), and currently stewards as Head Adviser of Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inc. Sir Craig N. Stafford, a South Florida native, born April 18, 1980 is an Ordained Minister and a practitioner of African Spirituality. His Bahamian heritage and religious upbringing undoubtedly influences his style as a folklorist. As a 32* Mason, PHA, Sir Craig N. Stafford has been appointed to several prominent roles within the masonic appendent bodies in the jurisdiction of Florida - namely, Grand Lecture and Instructor for Royal and Select Masters (Cryptic Rite) and Grand Editor-in-Chief for Holy Royal Arch Masons. In addition to those accomplishments, Sir Craig N. Stafford has labored as a civil servant nearly twenty years at the United States Attorney's Office, yielding him a new position as Supervisory Program Analyst overseeing data statistics for the entire Southern District of Florida. "Earned leadership is effective leadership" is his personal motto and sounding board. 


Sir John P. Pryor

Sir John P. Pryor current President and Founder of Omega Lambda Phi Fraternity, Inc. Sir John P. Pryor the youngest of 8 siblings has foster the principles of Leadership, Encouragement, and Ambition, leading the organization through ministry. Sir John P. Pryor knowledge and wisdom has propelled the organization to new horizon under his leadership. Currently employed by Endeavor Airlines operated by Delta Airlines, Inc. Flying high has he speaks to all of the brothers of the organization to promote Integrity, Brotherhood, and Unity. All of the principles of this organization. As Founder  and President, Sir John P. Pryor  focus on connecting Omega Lambda Phi with various accessible resources; being transparent in all operational facets; and soaring the air of enjoyment, while landing in a field of service, empowerment and leadership.