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OLP BLUKnights



 OLP BLUKnights Mentoring Program offers mentors to youth ages 14-17. Through evidence-based holistic approach counseling and subject matter tutoring. There are several thoughts that may be going through a teenagers mind. As a BLUKnights youth member, Omega Lambda Phi BLUKnights Mentoring program will offer these services to the young men and family. With required parental involvement in the process. With current deficiencies in our local, state and federal government, Omega Lambda Phi plans giving back the power to the people in communities around the country, starting with our most precious gem, OUR YOUNG MEN!   


Reason To Join

 -Educational Counseling 

-Educational Trips to Historic Location

-Group and Peer Counseling 

-Community Involvement 

-Meeting Graduation Requirement



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